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One-Click Deploy

Discover the ease of deploying applications and tools in an instant with DeployStax. No hassles, no configs – just seamless deployment!

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Zero* Config

Start using top technologies like Redis or EMQX, applications like Airflow or Minecraft, or bring your own Stax!


You don't have to be a Software or DevOps expert to start using DeployStax in your project

Instant Setup

Click "Deploy" and be done. Initiate an app within seconds, no complicated steps required.


Tailor-made Stax by developers for developers. Select, and launch with unparalleled ease.

Community Driven

Leverage a global marketplace of Stax and share your creations.

Creator Fund

Monetize deployments with our creative compensation program.


Have questions? Learn more about DeployStax

What is DeployStax?

DeployStax is a one-click deployment solution that lets you launch tools and applications on any cloud service seamlessly.

How does the marketplace work?

Developers submit Stax compiled with Helm or Docker that users can then deploy, while creators earn with each deployment.

Can I deploy my own app?

Absolutely. DeployStax allows you to deploy custom applications tailored to your needs using our platform.

What clouds are supported?

Enjoy the freedom to choose your cloud. One-click deploys to AWS, Azure, GCP, and beyond.

How about Bitnami?

While Bitnami offers a strong suite of applications - we focus on the passionate creators who may not have as much technical experience or don't have the time to go through an arduous setup process

Why not use managed software from cloud providers?

Cloud providers can be daunting with setup from the lack of billing control to IAM that doesn't fit the tinkerer use case. We want to encourage experimentation and usage of all types of software without lock-in

Coming Soon


Expected Release: Q3 2024


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